Check out the produce that is in this season.

Some of our produce is only with us for a short period of time due to seasonal changes and demand; and where we source our produce from also sometimes changes to ensure we get the best quality produce for our customers. For more frequent and detailed updates we recommend that you check out our Instagram page.

Scroll down below to see just a fraction of the produce we have available to our customers this season!

These are our range of squashes we have in this season

In order

Table Star, Festival Squash, Delica Pumpkin, Sweet lightning pumpkin, Kermit Squash, Cream of The
Crop, Spaghetti Squash, Crown Prince Squash, Onion Squash


These are the other produce that are in this season

In order from left to right: Kale (we have numerous varieties available), Tomatoes, Carrots, Pink Lady Apples, Pears (we also have williams pears), Courgette (we have yellow too), Fennel, Cox Apples, Spanish Clementines, Cepes mushroom, Black Trumpet mushroom, Potatoes, Rainbow carrots