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Who Are We?

We are Kale & Damson.

We are are a near 24 hours fresh produce supplier to a continuously growing customer base across the hospitality sector.

 How We Started

We started in July 2014 as a few professionals within the fresh produce industry and who where passionate about sourcing and supplying the best quality produce for chefs and caterers in the Cambridgeshire area. Since then we have enjoyed continuous and rapid growth both in regards to our client base and our team in Papworth, Cambridgeshire.

As our company has grown and continues to evolve we have stuck with the same values - to supply the finest fresh produce and to be a supplier you can rely on.

Who Do We Supply?

We supply mainly chefs, caterers and catering managers throughout pubs, restaurants, colleges, schools, conference centres, hotels, retail outlets, and much more.

Although our customers based in Cambridgeshire where we are based; we continue to venture across counties to many more customers. To see where we go check our our Distribution page.

(We might even supply your favourite place to eat)

What Do We Do?

Whilst our passion started with our fruit and vegetables we decided to expand as we grew to cater to more of our customers needs. We have now expanded into other ranges including chilled and frozen foods, prepared foods and also dairy, breads, eggs and even juices!

Our aim is to get maximum range of seasonal produce from local suppliers and find the best products from abroad when its season in the UK is over. Not only is this an environmental benefit but we enjoy supporting other local businesses, just like we experienced when we first started.

If you have any obscure or specialist requests that you require for your menu, our experienced buyers and friendly team will guide you and try their best to give you what you need.

Social Medias

We are making a consistent effort to keep in touch with our customers, employees and the public on our social media sites. We want you to see the hard work we put into running our business as well as the amazing produce that we have. We’re also introducing a newsletter ('The K&D Times) that will be available on our website and some of our social media platforms to combine food news, seasonal specials, updates, job vacancies and more.

(As well as some exclusive special offers and competitions)

20180925 - slice of lemon google.jpg