Our focus will always be on the fruit and veg, and we are supplying a wider and wider breadth of produce, including eye-popping beetroots, delicious seasonal berries and a huge range of fresh herbs which come into us every day.


We always prioritise local produce but when it is out of season, we stock the best of European produce. Italian olives, ricotta cheese and mozzarella balls score amongst our favourites.

From France, we are getting beautiful bunched vegetables including our baby bunched leeks and carrots, and we also receive a fantastic array of high quality lettuces.


We have a wide range of veg, starting with a large variety of cabbages, different root veg, including potatoes for every cooking purpose and a huge selection of tomatoes of different flavours, shapes and colours.

We are always there to advise what is best in season and help if there is anything very special that you require for your menu.

We are also supplying a large selection of Mushrooms.


What started out as just fruit and vegetables has increased into a whole realm of exciting produce we are supplying on a daily basis.

This includes a vast array of dairy; we supply all different types of milk, yogurts, cream and cheeses, from the bog standard double cream to fantastic Italian grated mozzarella.


To make your job quicker we are offering a range of Prepared Fruit & Veg. We are supplying sliced, diced, peeled, quartered, halved and many more kinds of preparation method fruit and veg.

There are also Hand Cut vegetables available.

Just let us know how exactly you would like your fruit and veg to be prepared to save you some time.


We are supplying fantastic range of gourmet products, from mouth-watering French cheeses, aromatic truffles and special herbs, till perfectly ripened exotic fruit and veg delivered immediately to UK for you to enjoy.