We have an amazing selection of produce to choose from.

We constantly have new varieties of produce coming in as well as keeping good stock of our customers favourites.

Have a look below to see a handful of the produce we have.

If you want to look at what produce we have in for the season go to the ‘This Season Tab’

(All photography done by Kale & Damson)


We love our fruit and we are sure you will too. We already have a rainbow warehouse full of colourful fruits - juicy seasonal Berries, crunchy Apples, eye-popping Beetroots and bittersweet Lemons to vibrant Oranges and mouth-watering Melon.

We are constantly trying to supply a wider variety of fruit to grow our inventory more!


We have a wide range of vegetables including a plethora of different Cabbages, Potatoes, other root veg, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and more in a variety of flavours, shapes and colours. We source these locally unless impossible or bad quality.

Name a vegetable and we’ll probably have it.

(We also have a collection of Baby Veg if you want to take a look)

Salads + extras

Leaves and more leaves, we stock an array of high quality lettuce, kale and other salad foods for the perfect side dish.

We always prioritise local produce but when it is out of season, we stock the best of European produce. Italian olives, ricotta cheese and mozzarella balls are amongst our favourites. (Scroll down for dairy)


As mentioned in About Us we have expanded our produce to include growing ranges of dairy items.

Whether you need some feta to top your salad, milk (inc non dairy) and top quality cheese for a delicious cheese sauce or some double cream to drizzle on dessert we’ve probably got it.

We’ve recently been able to find some award winning cheese to provide to our customers - tried and tested in the office we can vouch for the taste of these! (look out for the ones with the badges.)


To make your life easier we offer a variety of prepared fruit and veg. There are sliced, diced, quartered, peeled and halved prepped fruit and vegetables. Let us know how you want it!



If you are in need of that extra special something, we supply a fantastic range of gourmet products.

We have beautiful french cheeses and aromatic truffles as well as special herbs, wild garlic, edible flowers and perfectly ripened exotic fruit and vegetables delivered immediately to the UK for you to enjoy.


We also have a small range of frozen items in case you run into an emergency!