We understand the importance of developing and maintaining strong relationships with all of our growers in order to gather the best quality produce for the best prices and be able to pass this on to our customers. For this reason, we communicate with our growers on a daily basis and use people based all around the world in order to ensure that we have the best quality produce throughout all of the seasons.

We aim to build a supply chain with only the most trustworthy of people who’s main focus and drive is to provide the best quality produce.

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Terry provides us with our lovely Chantenay Carrots and Parsnips and he has numerous sites to grow and pack his companies vegetables. Terry has been Operations Director for nearly 30 years as has always dealt with Kale & Damson with the best respect and the best veg. His MD Alan runs a super experienced farm team and has a huge farming fleet with thousands of acres of land that is Red Tractor Farm assured. With their main site near us here in Cambridgeshire, they’re the perfect people to go to. They aim to supply 100% of their own grown carrots and parsnips so they can control every stage of the farming and production process!

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During the summer months we get in touch with Stephen who has been commercially growing fruit since 1990 and on a smaller scale in the years previous. The business has boomed over the years due to its amazing premium berries! Stephen and his employees “are passionate about delivering the highest quality products, with particular emphasis on flavour, with a lot of it coming from (Stephens) fertigation regime”. Being only a stones throw from the Cambridgeshire border we grab the opportunities to source his berries when possible!

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Potatoes come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colours and textures with thousands of varieties worldwide so its vital we source the best ones for you! We source our high quality potatoes from Neil who runs a specialist potato company that “knows the importance of carefully selecting only the very best potato varieties”. They’re located on the Norfolk/Suffolk border with a dedicated team who run the largest lowland farm in the UK and produce potatoes all year round! The business was established in 2009 with a simple aim of wanting their customers to love their potatoes as much as they do and promise to “go to great lengths to ensure that our crops are nurtured, harvested, handled and packed with the utmost care.’

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Unfortunately the British climate doesn’t accommodate us to have the opportunity to grow bananas. But we source ours from the biggest banana importer who is the biggest banana expert with over 100 years in the business.

More grower information coming…

(We highly appreciate and value all our farmers and suppliers who provide us with our great quality produce.)