Where do we deliver? Where do we get our produce?

From our operations, local farms and markets we travel all over to source the finest fresh produce.

Kale & Damson is based in Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire. We operate out of a purpose-built chilled facility and is the ideal place to best serve our customers on a daily basis and efficiently work with suppliers and our growers.

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Further north into Lincolnshire you will find our growers for Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cabbage, Potatoes and other seasonal delights such as Curly Kale and Cavolo Nero. We also get some of our herbs from this area.


We supply a large customer base here including golf clubs, pubs, cafe’s and many restaurants.


Kale & Damson prides itself in supplying the popular independent restaurants in and around Cambridgeshire. Being only a short distance from our operation it allows us to offer a very strong delivery service to the area.

We also work very closely with seasonal growers around the city and towards the Fens where we source our Celery, Salad heads, Potatoes, Strawberries, Asparagus and Soft fruits; as well as Apples and Pears upon their season.


We are also distributing to Bedfordshire daily with a regular customer base from the colleges, caterers, restaurants and surrounding eateries the area has to offer.

Seasonal lines that are sourced from this area include many of our oriental vegetables like Pak Choi. We also source Chilies, Tomatoes, Cabbage and some other delicious produce from this part of the country.


Continuing a high quality and service driven supply, we value our large portfolio of customers in Hertfordshire with regular Monday - Sunday deliveries.

Local to the area upon seasons we work with growers on salad lines and niche produce for items such as Wild Garlic and Heirloom Tomatoes.


We are in London on a daily basis supplying a selected number of customers and work closely with the markets the city has to offer, enabling us to take advantage of new trends that are up and coming and seasonal imports that are available too.

The Rest of The World



In Paris we work directly with Rungis International Market in the south of Paris. It allows us to source the finest produce Europe has to offer in one central place, covering all categories of fresh produce.


During seasons where we are unable to source certain produce locally we venture out and follow the sun to numerous countries across Europe such as Spain, Italy, Greece. For example, Italian Olives and Mozzarella balls.

South America

Our South American friends provide us with the best Avocados as well as Berries and Lemons when in season.

South Africa

Oranges, Grapes and Granny Smith Apples are just a few of what we have sourced from South Africa.


Kenya has the perfect climate for crops and is where we source many of our Mange Tout and Beans from.

New Zealand

If you’re a fan of the Kiwi fruit like we are its only appropriate to source them from the best place possible, New Zealand! When in season they also provide us with the tastiest Braeburn Apples.


Israel delivers the juiciest Peaches and Figs when in season (and we’re unable to source from a local grower) - a definite must try.

20180926 - passionfruit sliced google.jpg